ALLIGATOR PLANET LLC provides production, management, creative, strategic and financial consulting services to the global animation entertainment industry.

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Lessons for Enterprises...

and Entrepreneurs

Large companies and small entrepreneurial startups can’t collaborate -- or can they?  Alligator Planet worked with Manav Subodh of Hypershift India and Andre Marquis at The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkekely to create a 100-page business case study that explores the potential for large and small organizations to collaborate in innovation.  The role model was Intel Corporation’s “Make It Wearable” competition that took place in November, 2014.

Alligator Planet assembled a dream team to create the book from scratch in a mere 8 weeks:  Mary Doan managed the project and wrote a chapter, Karen Moltenbrey interviewed key stakeholders and edited all content, Nancy Forrest designed the book, working with Eli Noyes’ illustrations.  And finally, Advance Printing oversaw our print run.  Watch for the e-book version, appearing soon in an online store near you!